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All-rounder sidekick package

When there's not enough time in the day,

when you're doing the jobs of 10 women,

when your main skill offering suffers because you're drowning in biz tasks.

chloe anna studio copywriter creative ve


but this is the next best thing


Every single business operates differently. This means every business's admin tasks differ. You need someone that just 'gets it', right?

I have over 10 years of Personal Assistance experience in varying sectors. I totally get it.


The best thing about this package is that it includes a multitude of skills, all wrapped up into one pretty little box. Day-to-day copywriting is included.

Hard-to-write emails, social captions, "Chlo, how would you word this?", all included.


Scheduling posts, hashtag building, organic engagement, profile and follower maintenance - kinda like a social butterfly that does the time-consuming but necessary stuff for you.

Keeping your accounts active

and up to date.

chloe anna studio creative vector freelance admin copywriter social media management smm personal virtual assistant uk essex london

How do we get this party started?

Here's a breakdown of the process

It's a little like dating

✦ Grab a coffee or cocktail, let's get to know each other! We'll have a chilled chat about your wants and needs in any format you prefer (phone, video call, in-person, smoke signals). I wanna know all about you and your biz.

Let's get into it

✦ Strategy session - what I can do to help, how it'll work best for both of us. Agreeing on deliverables required, we'll chat programs, weekly structure, and get real nerdy with the organisation.

Happily ever after

✦ Implement processes - this includes setting up new ways to track, organise, and manage work.

I'm all about flow and good communication. This is a collaborative way of working - I'm working with you, not for you.

 from £100 per week 

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