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SPEAK UP! package

Let me ask you this: Who are you?

Because the cliché is true. People really do buy into people and not businesses.

This is why having a voice for your brand is so damn crucial. 

Your brand voice

Ok, what exactly is a 'brand voice'?

Simply put: it's you. It's you, without the unnecessary formality, or that pushy sales-y tone. It's your business, presented with a completely real and human voice.

Your voice in:

Blog posts

A beefier version of your business's day-to-day copywriting, but deserves your unique brand voice just as much as the other copy.

SEO-drenched and written as though it was straight from your mouth - blogs are a perfect opportunity to draw the right traffic and clients to your website.

Are you on the hunt for more of a one-off or bigger copywriting project?

✦ Website copy

✦ Welcome pack

✦ Printed advertisement

✦ Auto-response emails 

What you want is my Copywriting Project service!

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